Lords and Legends: Clash of the Gods

The Beginning

Korvin and Kayneth have encountered Grarl and Jarl Vader after both pursuing the same Brigdowl named Dwybble. After negotiating his surrender to jarl vader in the company of Korvin and Kayneth, they convince the Norseman to allow him to purify a spirit. However the Jarl and Grarl where tricked into falling through a pit fall that descends into a Sanctum with them. After battling the Daemon versions of the Sanctum’s custos, the party reached a pedestal with a view of the night and day. The body of the caretaker of the sanctum was there, dead. After opening the small lock box Dwybble sneaked to Korvin’s inventory, he open a golden artifact that he then fit into the key. Then a black haired nearly naked woman stabbed Dwybble with a dagger and used the antidote as leverage to ransom for the artifact. However, after negotiations, she seemed to have underestimated Korvin and deftly escaped their grasp. She swore that she and others will find Dwybble and the artifact. Afterward the party gathered the equipment and inventory of the caretaker and looted the Chest:

Caretaker: White Robes
Glowing Pendant?
Rations x 5 (Freshly preserved pasties)
Scythe (Small)
Vial of Alchemist’s Fire x 4
Holy Water
Waffle Iron
Cooking Pot
5 bottles of water
Travel Cake mix x5

potions x 2
Saddle, Exotic Military
Artisan’s tools
Lantern, hooded
Arcane Scroll
Raition, Trail x 10

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